Floor Standing Speakers

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2-Way, 3-Speaker System The large NS-F150 cabinet houses a 2-way, 3..
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Emotiva Airmotive T1 (1pair)
Driver Complement High frequency driver: 25x32 mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeter. Midrange ..
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Jamo S626
  The Jamo S 626 is an exceptional 3-way speaker featuring a side-mounted 8-inch woofer ..
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Jamo S628
  The Jamo S 628 is the flagship speaker of the Studio 600 Series. It's crystal clear, r..
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JBL Arena 180 (1 Pair)
Inspired by JBL’s legendary M2 Master Reference Monitor High Defi nition Imaging (HDI) waveguide ..
₹40,000.00 ₹34,900.00
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Quantum 677 Piano Schwarz/ Esche Dekor Schwarz ARt. NO.: 146 4830/EAN: 40 18843 64830 9 ..
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Mission VX-4 (1 Pair)
FLOOR-STANDING Mission VX loudspeakers offer startlingly energetic acoustic performance from ..
₹42,000.00 ₹25,000.00
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Polk LSiM705 Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  The LSiM705 fills your world with its wide, dynamic soundstage and its capability to e..
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Polk LSiM707 Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  The ultimate statement of Polk's mission, the LSiM707 is like no other loudspeaker in ..
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Polk RTiA5 Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  Big Tower Sound, Space-Saving Design The RTiA5 is the most compact tower speaker i..
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Polk RTiA7 Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  Stunning Performance. Classic Beauty The RTiA7 has the sonic characteristics of th..
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Polk RTiA9 Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  Better than Being There The RTiA9 is a high performance powerhouse and the ultimat..
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Polk TSx330T Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  Great sound in less space Size is definitely not a measure of performance with ..
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Polk TSx440T Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  Take a stand for bold audio Three high performance bi-laminate drivers tuned wi..
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Polk TSx550T Floor Standing Speakers (1pair)
  This is how we roll The flagship of the TSx Series is a floorstanding loudspeak..
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