Crystal acoustics TX-12SUB-BLA THX Ultra2 Certified Powered Subwoofer

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Awarded THX Ultra2 Certified 12in Subwoofer
Enjoy studio-grade Low Frequency Effects
  • THX Ultra2 Certified subwoofer

  • 12'' woofer and 200W built-in amplifier for realistic, uncompressed LFE

  • Flat frequency response for tight and controlled bass

  • Auto On/Off function for easy operation

  • Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish

  • Designed to meet the ultimate in-room bass performance according to THX, by using two pairs in 7.4 systems


Experience every movie or concert, exactly as the artists intended

Optimized electronics and carefully engineered dispersion result in a stunning, powerful and dynamic surround sound. Experience nuanced, lifelike multichannel audio for movies, music and video games!

Create the ultimate home theater experience, according to THX specifications

Using four Crystal Acoustics THX certified subwoofers, you can achieve the maximum SPL, for the ultimate low frequency experience.

Integrate the speakers with your internal decor

Demonstrate your speakers, instead of hiding them out of sight! Ugly, old-styled speakers are a thing of the past. Luxurious glossy black is today’s motto for every living space connoisseur.

Enhance your home design with beautifully crafted loudspeakers

Wood is beautiful to look at, even when it comes as a feature of high-tech devices. Naturally “related” to optimal sound reproduction, it was the best possible material on which to form the good looking curves on the sides of the flagship TX-T2SE.

Avoid damaging magnetically sensitive devices and media

Each loudspeaker is magnetically shielded so as to prevent any possible damaged when placed near CRT TVs or storage media that is sensitive to magnetic fields, such as hard disc drives.

Feel each low note with brutal impact, yet amazing precision

The light but rigid, specially treated paper cone couples with the carefully engineered electronics to offer deep, tight bass with extended dynamics and powerful impact.

Fill every room with realistic, studio-level LFE

The high quality electronics that compose the 200W amplifier, ensure plentiful impact with control as well as immediate, fast transients with every demanding sonic material.

Feel the powerful impact of every explosion

The large front-firing ports deliver powerful bass output with extended response

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