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Main Specifications: DRA-F109
Receiver section
- Rated output / 65 W + 65 W (4 ohms, 1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%), Speaker 4 – 16 ohms, Suited for headphones/stereo headphones
- Input sensitivity / 200 mV/47 kohms
- Tone control / S.D.B.: 100 Hz + 8 dB, Treble 10 kHz ±10 dB, Bass 100 Hz ±10 dB
FM section
- Tuning frequency range / 87.5 - 108 MHz
- Power supply / AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption / 48 W
- Power consumption in standby mode / 0.3 W
- Dimentions (W x H x D) / 250 x 82 x 250 mm (w/o terminals), 250 x 82 x 283 mm
- Weight / 2.6 kg
Main Specifications: DCD-F109
- Power supply / AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
- Power consumption / 25 W
- Power consumption in stadby mode / 0.3W
- Dimensions (W x H x D) / 250 x 82 x 250 mm (w/o terminals), 250 x 82 x 264 mm
- Weight / 2.8 kg
Main Specifications: SC-F109
- Type / 2-way, 2-speakers Relax box
- Frequency / 40 Hz - 40 kHz
- Input impedance / 6 ohms
- Max. input / 60 W (IEC), 120 W (PEAK)
- Speakers / 12 cm cone bass-mid x1, 2.5 cm soft dome high range x1
- Dimensions (W x H x D) / 165 x 245 x 234 mm
- Weight / 3.8 kg/unit
The D-F109 is a series of mini components packed with Denon Hi-Fi audio technologies that give you seriously high sound quality from a compact size of just 250 mm wide. To achieve high-quality sound, the various components of the D-F109 inherit the design concept of separate construction where the different signals cannot interfere with each other and cause noise. The sound you hear is thus beautifully clean and spacious. The DRA-F109 Stereo Receiver incorporates a 65 W + 65 W digital amplifier that not only provides a solid f oundation for a powerful, dynamic sound but also allows fully digital sound processing of audio signals in digital format through the volume, tone, and other controls, to reproduce sound with minimal signal degradation and maximum clarity. The DNP-F109 Network Audio Player is equipped with Wi-Fi and networking features such as AirPlay and DLNA 1.5 so that you can play your favourite music tracks wirelessly from an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad via AirPlay, or from a PC or HDD connected to the network. You can operate the DNP-F109 via the supplied remote control handset, or if you prefer, you can
download the new Denon Remote App to your iPod touch, iPhone, or Android device and operate the DRA-F109 and DCD-F109 that way. The DCD-F109 is a CD player that plays CDs in high sound quality. The SC-F109 is a 2-way stereo speaker system with a 12 cm woofer and a 2.5 cm soft dome tweeter. These speakers produce a highly listenable, natural sound when connected to the DRA-F109. Since the D-F109 flexibly supports individual lifestyles, you can configure your D-F109 system with the components you need for the types of music media you listen to and features you use.
DRA-F109 : Stereo Receiver
Serious Hi-Fi Quality Sound in compact body
- 65 W + 65 W (4 ohm) High Power Output
- Fully digital sound processing
- Simple & Straight circuit design
- Rigid construction, to eliminate noise caused by vibration
- Double layered bottom chassis
- Rigid heat sink
- Speaker Optimiser circuit for high quality sound with SC-F109 speaker system
- Parts rigorously selected for high sound quality through repeated listening tests
- Custom-made coil for low pass filter
- Selected capacitors
Ease of use
- Coaxial digital input for DNP-F109 and DCD-F109
- Optical digital input for upgrading the sound of your TV or other digital gear
- Two line FL display for easy reading, setting the alarm, and broadcasting information
- Newly developed remote control handset
- Supports convenient “System Function”
- The functions of the DCD-F109 and/or DNP-F109 can be linked by connecting these components with the supplied system cable. This gives you system-wide convenience even with separate components.
- The DCD-F109 and DNP-F109 can both be operated using the DRA-F109’s remote control handset.
- Auto Power On function: Simply pressing the Internet Radio button or CD Play button automatically turns on power to the DCD-F109 and DNP-F109 and starts play.
- Alarm function (Once alarm, Everyday alarm): The Alarm function can be used to turn on Internet Radio or start CD playback.
- Auto-standby, to minimize power consumption
- Low power consumption in standby mode
DCD-F109: CD Player
Serious Hi-Fi Quality Sound in compact body
- Clear and pure sound
- Minimum signal path and minimum CD pickup path, for pure sound playback
- Direct play for iPod and iPhone via rear USB
- CD-R/CD-RW playback (MP3, WMA)
- Two line FL display for easy reading, setup
- Coaxial digital output
- Supports convenient “System Function”
- Battery recharge function continues to charge even during standby
- Auto-standby, to minimize power consumption
SC-F109: Speaker System
Serious Hi-Fi Quality Sound
- Two way two speakers
- New 12 cm woofer
- New 2.5 cm soft dome high definition tweeter
- European Sound Tuned new speaker system

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