Crystal Acoustics T3 Speakers (25% OFF)

Brand: Crystal Acoustics
Product Code: TX-T3SE-BL
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Awarded 3-way Special Edition pair with THX Ultra2 certification
Enjoy the absolute reference in music and movies listening
  • THX Ultra2 Certified Speakers

  • NEW design and tuning for deep bass without any need for a Sub

  • Triple chamber towers for optimum low frequency reproduction

  • Controlled dispersion, making every seat a good seat

  • Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish


    Experience every movie or concert, exactly as the artists intended

    Optimized electronics and carefully engineered dispersion result in a stunning, powerful and dynamic surround sound. Experience nuanced, lifelike multichannel audio for movies, music and video games!

    Enjoy accurate, studio quality audio

    Smooth, balanced and truly realistic sound that faithfully represents the musical instruments, the human voice and all kinds of modern movie effects.

    Enjoy top-notch high frequencies with wide dispersion

    Free of diffractions caused by the speaker’s enclosure, the tweeter offers airy, transparent sound, with wide dispersion. The rotation feature allows you to direct all high frequencies towards you, even if the speaker is pointing straight ahead!

    Listen safely, even at high levels

    The embedded protection circuitry interrupts the tweeter’s operation at excessively high levels, preventing any possible damage. The added benefit of this feature is that it actually warns you of potential woofer damage as well, let alone your amplifier!

    Enjoy powerful bass performance from narrow baffle speakers

    Each woofer works in a carefully engineered frequency region, determined by the volume of the chamber, the diameter of the port and the crossover. This results in a stunning, tightly controlled bass, beyond what the speaker’s dimensions might imply.

    Integrate the speakers with your internal decor

    Demonstrate your speakers, instead of hiding them out of sight! Ugly, old-styled speakers are a thing of the past. Luxurious glossy black is today’s motto for every living space connoisseur.

    Enhance your home design with beautifully crafted loudspeakers

    Wood is beautiful to look at, even when it comes as a feature of high-tech devices. Naturally “related” to optimal sound reproduction, it was the best possible material on which to form the good looking curves on the sides of the flagship TX-T2SE.

    Listen to what you must, without unwanted sonic elements

    The meticulously engineered horizontal and vertical sound dispersion pattern of the TX-T2SE, achieves a dramatic reduction of the unwanted floor and ceiling reflections which cause unwanted sonic colorations. Thus, direct and reflected sound, has the same character.

    Enjoy a clear, precise and focused stereo imaging

    The ultra narrow front baffle of the speakers is actually no larger than the diameter of the speaker’s woofers. As a result, it’s impact on sonic performance is minimal, allowing you to enjoy a tightly focused stereo image.


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