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Velodyne stands for bass reproduction - not just since the era Heimkino: for more than 30 years Bruce Hall of Velodyne has developed and manufactured subwoofers for the music reproduction. No emotions without foundation. Today, Velodyne is one of the most successful and largest high-end subwoofer manufacturers in the world.



Create effect

Who claims that you have to break the bank in order to make an impact? We do not. Velodyne is proud to present our next generation of affordable subwoofers, the Impact mk2 series. The heart of the Impact mk2 series is Velodyne's Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP), which has been designed to provide larger power reserves for these particular passages. Our long-stroke drivers have 2-inch voice coils for greater heat radiation, while the down-radiating port creates incredible bass even from a medium-sized receiver. In addition, our Impact mk2 series offers a sleek, new design, which distinguishes the series from the crowd of competitors. All this creates a new standard for high performance and value.

Minimal distortion due to downward radiation

Velodynes Impact mk2 Series subwoofers feature a down-port design to maximize bass and output performance, while at the same time restricting the airflow caused by the air moving through the port, thereby maintaining musical accuracy and dynamic impulsiveness.

Our Impact mk2 series outperforms other subwoofers in their class thanks to the completely new drivers with massive magnets and 2 "coil coils made of wound copper. We adjust these precisely to our MDP amplifiers and thus ensure maximum bass power and deflection.

Amplifier with Maximum Dynamic Power (MDP)

Velodynes Impact mk2 Series features a brand new and highly efficient MDP amplifier for a ground-shattering bass. Our MDP amplifiers, unlike IC amplifier designs, produce more power reserves to accurately reproduce the most critical bass information. Velodyne's MDP amplifiers are also equipped with two unique protection circuits to ensure long-term reliability.

The Impact mk2 series is the proof that the simultaneous existence of performance and performance does not exclude, at the same time, an elegant, modern design. The beautiful lines and curves of the Impact mk2 series blend seamlessly into the most modern interior design. Our acoustically neutral case design has a solid construction and a completely new satin matt finish. A uniquely shaped grill and high-gloss accents embody that kind of attention for details that Velodyne has already been world-renowned for over three decades as one of the exceptional brands in audio engineering.


  • MDP amplifier with more dynamic headroom
  • Tuned, down-radiating port for maximum output power
  • Reinforced, coated drivers of textile fiber
  • High-quality, long-stroke drivers
  • Adjustable high-quality crossover
  • 2 "coil coils from copper wire
  • Auto power on / off to save energy
  • Modern and elegant new design

Technical specifications

  • Woofer: 12 "(30.5 cm) radiating forward
  • Amplifier: class AB, 275 W dynamic, 165 W RMS
  • Body design: Acoustic neutral, downward radiating passive port
  • Frequency response: 29-140 Hz (± 3 dB)
  • Oscillation coil: 2 "Copper turns
  • Cone: Reinforced, coated fabric fiber
  • Magnetic Construction: 2.52 kp (5.6 pounds)
  • Speaker Level Bypass: Full range
  • Low pass frequency crossover: 50 Hz - 200 Hz
  • Outputs: left and right, LS-level continuity
  • Inputs: Cinch line level, LFE and loudspeaker level inputs
  • Phase adjustment: 0 or 180 °
  • Auto On / Off: Yes
  • Removable grating: Yes
  • LED Power-on indicator: Yes
  • Input Impedance: 65 kΩ (for LINE INPUT jacks), 1.2 kΩ (SPEAKER LEVEL input terminals)
  • Sensitivity - Line level: 1.0 V
  • Housing dimensions: 38.4 x 36 x 48 cm (H x W x D) including grilles and feet
  • Warranty: 2 years (parts and labor)
  • Shipping weight: 17,2 kp (38 lbs)

Different loudspeaker load and amplifier input impedances can lead to slight deviations at the specified highpass transition frequencies. The above-mentioned transmission frequencies are understood to be ideal conditions.

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